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The Grande Dame Still Lives Here

Published in "The Doors of Darkness" Anthology

Amy does not mind that the house is old, all she wants is a room she can afford. She is the ideal renter for Vera Rainey, the lady of the house who seems to only want companionship. However, Vera is not what she seems—she is forty-seven and ‘fit as a fiddle’, yet she lives her life as an aging Hollywood actress, playing out the role of one of her favorite movies. She insists on using a wheelchair and keeps nurses on staff all hours of the day. Her house is the mirror image of her misery, and together they trap Amy in a nightmare that she cannot escape.

The Devil's Night Grind Show

Published in "Circus" ed. of The Magpie Messenger

An All-You-Can-Eat Type Business

Published in "Paranormal Inc. Office Memo 2" Anthology

Drawing from the Devil's Deck

Published in "Diabolic Magazine" issue 1

In rural Virginia, Jessie Livingston is being stalked by the Devil in his own backyard. Through transcripts, scribbled notes, and his own desperate words—he reveals every complicated emotion and obsessive thought that comes with having The Devil sitting at your kitchen table, inviting you to play a game of Blackjack. Every time Jessie loses, he spirals further into obsessive despair, until he reaches a breaking point where he will do anything to have the Devil’s eye on him again. His dreams of the devil are sordid and filthy, and they are consuming his every waking moment until the lines of reality are blurred, and he no longer understands what is real.


Hunter Goddess Moon

Published in "The Spectre Review"

A young woman named Carrie suffers a series of paranoid delusions after the death of her mother. When at first she feels as though she is being visited by her mother’s ghost, she quickly comes to believe that she has been chosen to serve an ancient goddess. The goddess’ demands become increasingly violent until Carrie does the unthinkable, and from that point on there is no turning back.

Forgotten Bones

Published in "Divinations Magazine Issue Three: Siren"

Inspired by the sea shanty “Bones in the Ocean” and particularly the line “I remember the fallen and they think of me / for our souls in the ocean together will be”. FORGOTTEN BONES is the story of a sailor lost at sea, collecting the bones of his doomed crew mates so that he might bring them home to be buried. He soon realizes, however, that he is not alone, and that he is being hunted by a hungry siren who is determined to pull him under.

Howling Devil in the Sticks

Published in "The Monsters Next Door" Anthology

Ever since Jessie moved out to the country, he has been working hard to make his house a home. But as soon as he sets out the welcome mat, he invites in more than he bargained for when his new neighbor appears. This neighbor drives a fast new car and dresses like a televangelist—and he loves to play card games. He just might be the Devil in the way he uses Jessie’s greatest vice against him. A bloody poker game spirals quickly out of control but fair is fair, and the Devil always collects on a debt.

Slick as the Devil on Sunday

Published as an extra in "Blackjack + Moonshine"

When Jessie Livingston makes a deal with the devil, he gives himself over body and soul as part of the bargain.

Beneath the Cypress Trees

Published in "Siren's Call eZine #62"

To Be Maligned by the Devil's Pen

Published in "Books of Horror" Anthology Vol 4., pt 2

Flora Brierley has been betrayed. Her soul has been sold to a demon as payment for a settlement of her late husband’s estate. Now the devil has come to collect his due sporting a handsome face and a charming tongue. And while he will certainly get Flora’s soul, he is not above tempting her to drag others down in retribution.

Now He Trembles in the Darkness

Published in "Perennial Hauntings" issue 1

Ethan is trapped in his house with a ghostly mimic. It calls his name through the empty halls using the voice of his dead grandfather. He has nowhere else to go and even if he did, he is too broke and disabled to leave. But the mimic is not what haunts him most, and the weight of his past may prove too much to bear.

Eyes of the Apostle

Published in "Dead Cowpokes Don't Wrangle" anthology

They Will Go Down Alive

Published in "Frontiers of Fright" anthology

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