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“I hope that I am the last royal astronomer this palace ever sees.”


It is the Age of the Tide. Naiads, an oppressed race of merfolk, are being captured and slaughtered by the score. Queen Robin Brahntaiste has chosen a select few to serve in her court and fill inauspicious roles as astronomers, composers, and sorcerers. Yet, the truth cannot stay buried beneath prestigious titles and opulent clothes. Naiads are not free, and their lives are worth nothing to the cold, arrogant aristocracy.


“As of this writing, there are six of us in the palace. Yesterday, there were seven.”


These are the journals and letters of Sopespian Slaine, the Queen’s Court High Astronomer and founder of the Red Star Society. Every entry intertwines with a series of eight short stories that offer a glimpse into the intrigue, murder, and dark-hearted motivations that propel the lives of the Society’s members.


Horrors, madness, and conspiracies abound. Is there any hope for revolution, or will they all be consumed by Her Majesty’s will?


The Red Star Society stands on its own as a bewitching companion to The Draonir Saga.


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