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His work isn’t worth much to the elite of Graueyette, such that he has resigned himself to peddling his poems for scraps to earn his living. However, on the heels of defeat arrives a new beginning. A tantalizing offer from a wealthy, mysterious patron promises to change his life.




He is widely renowned as a miracle worker with more gold at his fingertips than even the royal treasury can hold. He claims to be entranced by Silas’ words and invites him to stay at Hawthorne as the artist-in-residence. Yet, Nicholas is not what he seems. He remains curiously absent throughout the day, while his lavish home is infested with phantoms as red as the berries of his flowering trees.


Through the doors of Hawthorne Manor, Silas will find himself trapped in the winding halls of a blood-soaked, brightly-lit nightmare set in the world of the Draonir Saga. 

HAWTHORNE: A Draonir Novella

  • PRE-ORDERS and SPECIAL EDITION ORDERS ship 7 days before release date. 

    REGULAR ORDERS ship within 2-4 business days. 


    • Returns ARE NOT accepted for purchases through the website. 

      Returns ARE ONLY accepted if purchased from your local bookseller or online retailer.  

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