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Dallas’ entire life changed when the Church of New Lazarus opened its doors.


The small town of Wicker, Alabama has been taken over by a glamorous, fast-talking reverend with a charismatic smile as bright as his Rolex watch. This new reverend, who calls himself Blue, has declared himself a ‘modern day Lazarus’ and has set the whole town on fire with religious fervor. Yet, Dallas doesn’t trust him. There is something sinister about the new church and its cult-like following. And when Dallas, who has spent five years caring for his ailing grandfather, is suddenly thrust into the world behind the pulpit; he finds that his expectations of salvation may lie in more infernal hands.


This is a PRE-ORDER! Gospel of the Cuckoo releases on AUGUST 27TH! 

Pre-orders END on July 1st! The theme for the pre-order package is WELCOME TO OUR CHURCH, and it will have exclusives that will not be available for orders placed after July 1st, 2024. 



* Matte paperback

* Dimensions 5.25 x 8


* Matte hardcover (Casewrap)

* Dimensions 6 x 9


* B&W Interior 

* Creme-colored paper 


Interior illustrations by Swifty

Gospel of the Cuckoo

    • Return Policy

      • Returns ARE NOT accepted for purchases through the website. 
      • Returns ARE ONLY accepted if purchased from your local bookseller or online retailer.  
  • Ships by August 27th

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