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Casper’s grandmother was the only one who knew that he could see ghosts. Now, she is dead. With her gone, there is nothing to keep him tied down to his family home in Blue Ridge Appalachia. His hope is to start fresh on the beaches of South Florida, but an unexpected detour interrupts his plans for the Sunshine State.



Bustagut is an eerie little carnival town off the beaten path through the mountains. It is run by a shapeshifting clown with very serious ideas of fun, and who loves to play dangerous games with grieving travelers. If Casper can confront his past as well as his fears, he may stand a chance of escaping. Then again, he might just get lost in the endless tricks and traps of this ‘funny little town’.






This is a PRE-ORDER! Funny Little Town will be releasing on MARCH 26TH!



Orders will ship out by the end of March.




* Matte paperback

* Dimensions 5.25 x 8

Funny Little Town (The Dread South) PAPERBACK

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