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If Pharun was the constant moon…

Then Charlemagne was just a doomed star.


The crown is a heavy burden, and Pharun is still fighting to keep his stolen throne. War with East Avralaen is imminent, but the war to keep peace in his own bedroom is far bloodier. There are those who claim to love him and those who cannot even pretend, and their conspiracies grow thicker by the day.


All Shrukian wants is to return home, but he is moored in Drakkian Province under the Ercole family’s watchful tyranny. Specters and madmen plague him at every turn, and he may not survive to take back his rightful throne.


As war looms, Tybalt will stop at nothing to keep those around him safe. The lives of his friends are at stake as everything crumbles around him and the poor are left to perish by a despot king. Dreams of escape fade quickly as he is forced to stay and fight for the lives of those he cares for, as well as his own.


Empires are collapsing. Worlds are being rearranged. Those who do not fight back will surely be captured and condemned.


The Draonir Saga continues with BOOK THREE.

CONDEMNED - The Draonir Saga Book III


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