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On a hot Southern morning, Jessie Livingston signed away his soul to a crossroads devil who made him an offer he could not refuse. Now Jessie’s voice is dropping, his chest is flattening, and there are hairs sprouting on his chin. He is becoming the man he always wanted to be seen as. Meanwhile, the only thing the devil, Bee, asks for in return is to come collect his due in Jessie’s bedroom every Sunday.


Yet, if there is one thing about the devil, it is that he is never satisfied. Bee is determined to push Jessie until he breaks. From Texas to Louisiana in a whirlwind of playing cards, tumbling dice, and flashing casino lights—Jessie finds himself struggling against the snare while falling deeper into iniquity. Yet, when an offer of salvation extends its hand, will he be willing to abandon his only desire to take it?


**Includes exlusive short story, SLICK AS THE DEVIL ON SUNDAY.


Hastur Edition: pale grey cover with main character Jessie and devil Abel/Hastur on the front. Framed in red poker chips. Hastur edition comes signed with "King in Yellow" bookmark and special token.


Beelzebub Edition: light brown cover with main character Jessie and devil Bee/Beezlebub on the front. Framed in playing cards. Beelzebub edition comes signed with "Prince of Hell" bookmark and special token.






"Sirius’s Blackjack and Moonshine is a humid, horrific and sexy southern gothic romp that’s sure to leave you thirsty for more than just root beer. Blossoming with lush descriptions that jump off the page, Bee and Jessie’s tale of crossroads bargains, bad bets and dark hearts offer up a devilish good time.


- Wendy Dalrymple, author of White Ibis


Blackjack + Moonshine is the southern gothic story I didn't know I'd been waiting for. Sirius' masterful character development and gift of storytelling kept me on the edge of my seat and begging for more. I read this in one sitting and was delighted and devastated. Raw, gritty, visceral, Blackjack + Moonshine is Sirius' best work to date and is a story I will continue to come back to. Jessie, in all his misery, is a character I hope to see more of in Sirius' Dread South universe. If you're looking for an erotically thrilling read about deals with the devil, I highly recommend this novella.


- Ravven White, author of Haunted Hallways


Sirius's Blackjack + Moonshine is a queer, southern, spookshow romp that'll leave the reader at Bee and Jessie's heels with every shadowy turn. Queer horror is on the rise and Sirius is as authentic a writer as it gets.


- Kayli Scholz, author of Saint Grit



"A gorgeous testament to the power of horror and of erotic storytelling, Blackjack + Moonshine captures what's terrifying about desire and beguiling about the unholy. Just like Jessie, you'll be in the devil's thrall, unable to leave this deeply queer, deeply gothic, deeply sensual delirium until Bee himself is finished with you. Five 'Hell is empty, and all the sexy devils are here' stars!" —


-Sierra Simone, author of Priest and Salt Kiss



"Blackjack + Moonshine is an erotic dance with the devil brimming with tension, sex, and violence. Sirius holds no punches in creating a hot and sweaty world of horror, lust, and manipulation, dripping with vibes of Hellraiser on ecstasy."


-Red Lagoe, author of In Excess of Dark and Impulses of a Necrotic Heart

Blackjack + Moonshine HARDCOVER

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