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Heirs of Gods

First Edition

The world of Draonir unfolds before you in this roleplaying game of courts, crowns, and deadly intrigue. 

From its gleaming shores to its staggering mountains, it was said that nothing could divide the great Dragolothian empire. It prospered under Mahtrador rule, a line so ancient that the blood of gods ran thick in its veins. Yet underneath the gilded surface, corruption ran through. And while the empire expanded, the rich grew richer, and those without titles or land to their name began to suffer. 


Three noble houses; Ercole, Clieous, and Cavalla - fought for (and won) their independence from a tyrannical king. Yet every intention, no matter how genuinely it began, is soon peeled back to reveal deadly plots, wicked machinations, and unbridled descents into madness. 

Play as unique races, choose a noble house alliance, and play the game of subterfuge where victory is never what you expect. Featuring original art and familiar faces, explore the world of Draonir as it was before Uncrowned.

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