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Court of Tides

UNCROWNED: THE COURT OF TIDES is going to be one of my big projects for 2024!


I am very excited to work on this. My original goals for the first RPG were a bit too broad, but now I have it narrowed down to something that is not only playable, but unique. All that being said, the reward tiers will not be fulfilled until June of 2024 because of the release date goals and creation process, so please bear that in mind before moving forward. 

Court of Tides focuses on the plot and roleplaying aspects, and is light on combat and stats. It has been crafted to be user-friendly and welcoming to players of all levels.

It is based in the Draonir universe, so players familiar with the Draonir Saga will recognize the setting and some of the characters - and you will get to see some fun easter eggs!

The compendium will be printed in hardcover editions and feature artwork for all the characters and the playable variations of the naiad race. There will be custom character sheets, lore, and mini adventures!

The artwork is currently in development, so what is featured here is not final.

This is the first time I have tried to crowdfund a very big project so I appreciate all your shares and encouragement. The lore, the gameplay, and the characters have all been developed - but now I want to give it the best chance possible to thrive in print!

Once you make your donation feel free to email with a screenshot / proof of your donation and your applicable email or mailing information. 

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