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Deep in a Virginia holler, the devil runs the cursed town of Withering. There are silver mines and streams of healing water, yet its desperate residents are kept sick and poor. It could have been a town for miracles, but the heavy heel of the greedy Crain family stands too firmly on its neck. 


Sunday Wyatt is running from his debts. He spends his nights working at a bar trying to save up enough money to start a new life anywhere else. It seems like divine intervention when his creditor, the youngest Crain, turns up at the bar with a vampire on his heels. This vampire has a chip on his shoulder and a harrowing proposal: if Sunday is willing to honor his 'commandments' without question, they can both have their revenge. 


Greed, desire, and betrayal have left them starved, and blood is all there is left to consume.


This is a PRE-ORDER! Release date is 10.08.2024

Pre-orders END on September 1st to give time for order fulfillment. 

Late Night Testament

    • Returns ARE NOT accepted for purchases through the website. 
    • Returns ARE ONLY accepted if purchased from your local bookseller or online retailer.  
  • Ships by October 8th

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